Support for Bosch in-wall light switches?

Bosch makes a couple of in-wall Zigbee modules to upgrade existing installations.

The nice thing about this series is, that they also provide a series of adapters so that you can retrofit existing light switches and have the new smart light switches match the decor of the existing switches throughout the home.

My German isn’t very good, but it appears that these devices are using a zigbee frequency which is only used in Europe, 868,3

The smartthings hub only uses the 2.4 GHz zigbee frequency, so it would be unable to communicate with these devices.

(before anybody in the US freaks out, yes, I know that we usually say that zigbee only uses one frequency worldwide, 2.4 gigahertz, But in fact the protocol has been approved for a couple of other frequencies in some specific regions. Europe notably has huge congestion in the 2.4 GHz band, and they do use this lower frequency for zigbee for some applications.

I know your head probably just exploded, but 868 in Europe might be a zigbee device, not a Z wave device. :wink: )

Samsung is finally bringing the v3 hub to Germany next month. Doesn’t the already available UK version of the v3 hub support the 868 band common here in Europe?

No, only the “global” 2.4 GHz version. :disappointed_relieved: That’s true of most Home Automation hubs at this time, btw, including Vera and Zipato.

When Zigbee **isn’t** 2.4 GHz (EU Regional frequencies)

Is it possible to include support for the other frequency bands via a firmware update? Or does it require new chipsets to work?

It would need new hardware, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:

Why don’t you try contacting Bosch and see what hubs they say the switches are compatible with. My guess is it will be very few At this time.