Sunset/sunrise routine runs but won't switch on of off

I essentially have all Leviton light switches (Z-Wave) connected to my Smart Hub (2nd generation) and still using the classic app (I have not been notified yet to transition to the new app). I created a routine to turn a switch on at dusk and off at dawn. The problem is it never turns the switch on or off. The status always says On in the app. I check Notifications --> Messages and I see after each run it says “I confirmed that the lights and switches are already set according to your preferences.” which doesn’t make sense since the state should always change. The switch in question is Leviton DZ15S-1BZ. Any ideas why this isn’t working and how to resolve?

What version firmware does your DZS15 have?

Some of us had issues with these switches about a year ago. Firmware update fixed it

How do I update the the firmware of the switch? I did a Google search but no luck

You need a USB Z-wave stick plus controller software for your computer and the firmware update file.

A couple of people have gotten the USB stick loaned to them by contacting Leviton support. Leviton support can also supply the controller software and the firmware update.