Leviton In-Wall Z-Wave Switch wont follow schedule ON in new app, but follows schedule OFF

I’m having trouble with my switch (R51-DZ15S-1RZ) following a sunset lights on schedule. Attached the images of the sunrise and sunset schedules. I have to manually turn my lights on each night as the switch wont turn on via schedule, but when i leave in the morning the lights are off, so the sunrise schedule appears to work. I attempted to have the dimmer level reset each ON, but no change occured, and I rarely dim the lights anyway so they stay at 100% most of the time anyway. I do get the system notifications as expected, so the sunrise/sunset timing appears correct and the automation is kicking off.

Any ideas on why this wouldnt work?

Try setting the automation using the Classic app to see if that makes a difference.

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My guess is that it’s just broken in the new app, as there are other problems with sunset rules in the new app. :disappointed_relieved:

Report it to support, and in the meantime, As @bry suggested, use the classic app for anything which doesn’t work in the new app.


It’s not a problem in the new app. My Sunset rules work just fine.

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Good to know. No harm in either trying it in the classic app or having support look at it, though. :sunglasses:

Are you using the exact same Leviton model?

GE outdoor switch and socket plugs

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One question: you said you tried using a dimmer level, but that’s not a dimming switch. Do you have the right model number? And if so, what DTH did you use for it?