Sunset in Smart Lighting App

I have a smart lighting automation to turn on a light using an outlet. If I set a time (e.g., 5:00 PM) to turn on the outlet, all is well. However, if I set the time to ‘sunset’, the outlet switch is never activated. Could I be doing something wrong or is there a problem? Using SmartThings app v 1.7.43-22.

Do you have your location setup in the upper right Manage Location menu from the home screen?

Yes, my home address is there. Is there anything else I need to set up?

login to IDE @ go to My Location > smartapps under Installed SmartApps and verify you see Weather Station under the Smart Lighting list or the Hello Home section at the top.

I logged into that web site and the Weather Station app was already installed. I clicked on Update and then exited. I then changed my Smart LIghting Automation to use Sunset and it now works. Thanks.

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