Sunrise/sunset setting now only has max 60 minutes, used to let you choose HOURS

i used to be able to schedule lights to turn on/off HOURS before or after sunset. now i see this option is no longer available… you can only choose MINUTES before or after sunrise/sunset.

PLEASE BRING BACK THE OPTION FOR HOURS. only being able to do it 60 minutes max time isn’t acceptable! this new app really is missing a LOT!

The Smart Lighting SmartApp still allows you to set it to more than 60 minutes, but to enter negative values, you have to copy a - sign first to the clipboard to be able to enter it.

@Brad_ST, the OPs comment is fair, that this limitation is there.
My comment above with the missing - sign from the keypad is must be a joke. (I believe this issue was reported more than a half year ago, at least.)

Just a screenshot for reference…

Can you poke those internal bug reports a bit for us?

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ALSO, once you migrate to the new app, you can’t edit Automations that were imported – you get a communication error, and it wont let you change them! only way to get them to change is by deleting them and adding it back as a new automation.


I filed a bug report about this and it’s being investigated.


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hey brad, any routines that had sunset/sunrise set to over 1 hour wouldn’t import to the new app as well. this seems to be a bug … as there is no option to select “hours” for sunrise/sunset, only up to 60 minutes. i had lights set to turn on 2 hours before sunset and can no longer choose this. can you please submit a bug report about this as well?

also why won’t momentary button tiles work in the new app? some lights i had that only support them now won’t work. says cannot connect to device for them now.



I understand you had numerous Routines with offsets greater than 60 minutes. The new app only supports offsets up to 60 minutes by design. I passed along your feedback and frustration but don’t have any insight into that decision.

I assume you’re referring to this device: momentary-button-tile.groovy. If so, the metadata needs to be updated.

This might serve your needs:

Is this a UI design flaw? Is this an implementation flaw? Is this a backend design flaw? Curious software engineers want to know.


FYI, same feedback/request as @mrsmartypants: it’s been a year now, please bring back the option for hours.

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I too would like more than 60 minutes,


This is critical to me using and buying items with Smartthings. I will use Hubitat if you guys can’t fix the issue with hours before or after sunset, sunrise, etc…

What is the issue with fixing this?

You can use @Mariano_Colmenarejo virtual calendar (Edge driver)

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I’m such a NUB - I can’t find how to add this to my Samsung Smartthings app… Can you tell me how to do this?

Subscribe to his channel and select the driver to enroll it…

Currently Edge works on V2/V3 and Aeotec hubs. Next Monday after they start pushing out firmware for the Connect/wifi mesh hubs, it should work on those.

Routines are simple automations managed by the mobile app and built using a subset of the functionality of the Rules API. The full Rules API is available to users who don’t wish to use the Routines or require more than they can offer. Perhaps Routines were designed with the sixty minute offset for a reason and aren’t considered broken?

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