Sunrise/sunset its ONLY up to 60 Minutes. Is it possible to increase it , that creates a look that is NOT the same each night

  • Tap Sunrise or Sunset to use your Location’s geolocation settings to trigger at sunrise or sunset. (Optional: Set a time offset of up to 60 minutes before or after sunrise or sunset)

Where are you seeing this? What smartapp? More details would be helpful.

Good Morning,

In the SmartThings app I go to automations

Lights then at the when ? I choose sunset than the option of sunrise at this point I have been putting the offset at - 360 I.e. 6hrs.

This should run as follows:

Front driveway circle turns on at sunset…

Front driveway should turn off 6hrs before sunrise.

It Does NOT.

Was told off set can be UP To 60 minutes