Sunrise/sunset offset times

I would like to schedule a light to come on a few minutes before sunset. I set the trigger to be at sunset. I see the offset, but when I enter a number, it is always positive (after sunset). I only see numbers and don’t see any option to enter a negative to make it before sunset. Am I missing something?

what are you using… Custom Automations, Smart Lighting, Routines or other? and which ST app?

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I am using the Smart Lighting automation in Smart things V 1.7.27-25 on Android (Samsung tablet).

you are entering - before the number, example -2

Thats just it. When I click in the field, the number keypad shows up. But there are only numbers, decimal, backspace, and DONE keys, no plus or minus keys.

I believe I have seen this reported before on the forum. The work-around the person used was to copy the - to the clipboard, then went into smart lights and pasted it in the rule when they needed it.

be sure to open a ticket to ST support so they become aware of the issue

Thanks for your help. I tried that and it worked. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of that. I have submitted the issue to Smart things.