Sunset Offset

Can you put a “-” in front of the minutes for the app to start before sunset? I want my outdoor lights to turn on 90 minutes before sunset. I tried putting in -90 minutes in the offset field, but keep getting unexpected error when clicking done. What am I doing wrong? I am using the smart lights app.


Nothing at all I’d imagine. Your use case may not have been what ST was thinking when they thought of how offset would be used. That’s my guess. I would recommend letting know of what you’ve discovered.

I use the minus for before sunset in a couple of my lighting settings works just fine.

There should be a special keypad that comes up when you enter the offset, with a +/- in the upper left corner. You click on that minus to get an offset prior to sunrise/sunset. If you don’t see that keypad, something is wrong.

Listen, you are all going about this totally the wrong way. How you are setting up automation, going under “Smart Lights, SmartThings” the 6th option from the top. Look (and I will provide screenshots to help you along the way) at the bottom of the screen. Now do now scroll or anything, head there (SmartThings) now and you’ll notice "Custom Automation. Now, what you get to the “Based on the time of day” tab, PLEASE, PLEASE, I CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH AS WE ALL HAVE DONE THE SAME, LOL, WE FORGET TO SELECT THE DAY(S) OF THE WEEK, AND ONCE YOU CLICK THE DAY(S) IT WILL BE HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE. Now, I found that I had to create 2 different schedules for the same automation. You may have to do the same, depending if the set on time is on one day and the off time is after 12 AM. I had to create 2 different schedules, one for the set on time, and a 2nd for that same light to turn off. I hope I was able to help answer your how to’s. I am very tired, usually I’ll go back and proof read my reply, but I am just too darn tired to even care about errors. Again, DO NOT FORGET TO SELECT DAY(S) OF THE WEEK, LOLOL Or else you’ll be stumped as to way your lights or devices never came on.
Oh, wow, new users on this form can upload 1 image only! I’ll reply or try to reply so I can upload screenshots which shows the steps.