Entering Offset in Smart Lighting

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trying to set up a lighting automation to switch on a light 45 mins before sunset - but i cant see any way to enter the - sign in the app.

This is what I see (Android & New ST App).

I tried copy pasting the text “-45” from elsewhere, but when I paste it only puts in 45 and ignores the -.

How do I enter a “-” please?

It shows in iOS. One possible workaround could be to type it elsewhere such as note pad and copy/paste it into that field. I am not familiar with Android so that may or may not work.


I tried copy pasting -45 and it only pasted 45. I tried just copy pasting - and it worked.

Well, its entered anyway - lets see if it actually works!

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The other curious thing is that, despite having the decimal point, it doesn’t accept any number but 0 after it. It turns red then grey if you try it.

Which keyboard are you using? I’m using Gboard on both my S7 & Tab A and have no problem entering a negative offset.

I couldn’t get a screenshot of the keypad overlay but snapped a pic with my tablet.

I didnt know you could choose a keyboard - its just the one that appeared - its a Galaxy S9.

It doesnt being up the standard Samsung keyboard - it must be something in the App?

I agree. Samsung Smartthings really SHOULD work with the Samsung keyboard. I just changed my default keyboard from Google Gboard to the Samsung stock keyboard and I didn’t have the minus symbol either. I changed it back to Gboard and I can enter negative numbers. If you need the capability you could install Gboard until it’s fixed. I’m going to let support know there is a bug.


There appears to be a bug with regards to the new app and entering negative offsets for smartlighting automations. When using the default keyboard(Samsung keyboard) on a Galaxy device, there is no minus key for entering negative offsets. If you use Gboard on the Galaxy device, the minus key is present.

ST knows about this bug.

Feb 27, 8:28 AM MST

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

Apologize for the inconvenience. Yes it is a known issue from our end, in the meantime there is a work around you can do, type the negative value in a browser or notepad and copy and paste the number

Even though it’s not always easy to hear. This has already been forwarded to our engineering team to take care of the issue. They’re currently working on this issue to sort it out.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken to share with us. your feedback is extremely valuable. This type of input from our customers is instrumental in shaping SmartThings and we appreciate hearing it

Thanks for everything. If there’s anything else at all we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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They must have read the previous post above. With the copy and paste idea. :wink:

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