Sunrise/Sunset limits

Had a look around and didn’t see anything pertaining to the Dashboard having the ability to allow lights to be triggered via motion based on sunrise/sunset. Right now you can only set fixed times for the limits. As the year changes it would be nice to have my motion sensors/lights enabled on a sliding time. Right now my lights are enabled (hard coded) via motion to come on between 18:00 and 06:00. In the winter I really want them to be enabled at 16:30-07:00 and in the summer 21:00-05:00. We have quite the swing in daylight here in BC.


Without a motion sensor, I have my front porch light setup to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise. This is the “sliding time” according to my location and is not a hard-coded time. Perhaps you need to set that up first.

Then, in your motion sensor settings, you can have it turn the light OFF when there is no motion and turn it ON when there is motion.

You can create a “Morning” mode that does this. At sunrise light A comes on when motion is sensed.

Here’s how I would approach this (you’d have to write an - app).

  1. Subscribe to the motion sensor and have control the light
  2. At sunset, set a state variable to True
  3. At sunrise, set the state variable to False
  4. When you get a motion event, check if the state variable is True, if so, turn on the light (and schedule a time to turn it off).