Motion rules for lighting


I played around with the apps and cannot figure out how to do this. I want to set it so a light will come on when there is motion in the room and stay on for 30 minutes. I only want to do this after sunset and before sun rise. I do not want the light to come on when it is already bright in the room. I do not want to use a LUX sensor. Just a motion sensor and sunrise and sunset data from the internet.

(Joe) #2

Use the Smart Lights app.

  1. Select your light what you want to do (in this case Turn On)
  2. Select how you want to trigger the action (Motion)
  3. Select your Motion Sensor
  4. Select Turn on When (Choose Motion Starts)
  5. Toggle Turn Off after Motion Stops
  6. Set After Number of minutes to 30
  7. Click on more options Select only during certain times (You’ll see Sunrise and Sunset in here)


Step 7 is the issue. I do see ‘more options’. You can not click on it. Below ‘more options’ it shows ‘Only during a certain time’ when I click that I get ‘Starting time’ and ‘Ending time’. There is not option for sunset or sunrise


I think I got it.