Looking for App - turn switch on for "x" mins when motion is detected

(Mcvoss) #1

I’m sure there must be an app already written for what I am trying to do but I can’t find it.

When motion is detected, between sunset and sunrise, turn on a (light) switch for x minutes.

Can anyone help me with this?




Try Smart Nightlight app.


(Mcvoss) #3

Thanks Jim…


(Bruce) #4

Lights & Switches is where all of these basic built-in apps are. Click on the gear icon. If you set up your modes to transition at sunrise and sunset, then you just use the built-in mode restrictions to control when the motion will turn things on.

(Mcvoss) #5

Thanks @bravenal. I saw your post under the mobile app and agree. I do feel a little dumb that I didn’t find that hidden under the gear icon. I always forget to look there.

Thanks again