Sunrise and Sunset times are way off for my location

Smart Lighting and its replacement Smart lighting run locally if the devices in a given routine can run locally. This was one of the advantage of the original Smart Lighting.

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Thanks everyone for your replies. Just wanted to come back and confirm that setting up these Sunset and Sunrise automations under Routines has solved the issue.

Thanks again.


Our of curiosity

  1. Are you still triggering a scene or did you list out the devices to change?
  2. Do you have the little house icon next to your Routine name indicating local execution?

Yes, I’m still triggering Scenes. I don’t see a house icon, looks like this:

Ok. Was just curious. Scenes are not able to run locally.


Hm… I see I commented on that thread last June. Had no recollection of that, but I’m old and forget things.

All I can say is that my Scenes, which all involve only stock DTHs and Edge devices, are ineligible to run locally. Routines that directly operate the same devices as are in the scene do run locally.

Maybe when migration of my last dozen devices is complete, I’ll revisit the Routines that reference them.

just had the issue today. converted to Smart lighting from routine just now. hopefully fixed it.

Better to go to Routines :slight_smile:

why? I just had a missfire with routines?

It looks like users are reporting better results for sunset/sunrise in Routines. But give smart lighting a try

thanks ! never had issues with routine, except today. but trying Smart lighting (small l) to see. i’ll report if it is worse. thanks again.

I said earlier that I’ve used Smart Lighting and Smart lighting to turn on lights at sunset for around 4 years.

Forgot that I had moved all my Smart lighting automations to Routines except for those involving syncing lights or motion-controlled lights.

So my sunset lights are turned on via a Routine.

Interesting… I’d thought recently my outside lights seemed to be coming on whilst it was still light and staying on in the morning after sunrise also.

I’ve looked at the time one comes on (linked to sunrise) and it’s been 7:18 every day for the last week, which obviously isn’t right.

Looks like what people are saying here are true - the new Smart Lighting has set the sunrise and sunset times when they were migrated and not updating each day.

Clearly a bug that will be hopefully fixed… but until then looks like Routines are the way to go.

I’ve been using Smart Lighting \ lighting since day 1 on both and never had a problem. Someone mentioned issues during daylight savings and I sort of remember something but I think it worked itself out. I have my porch light and garage carriage lights turned on and I don’t use scenes. Both are Zwave I think lutron and neither has been converted to Edge. Yet.

Lutron is using the new architecture. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know. I’m waiting for them to be converted by Smartthings. Along with some others.

Lutron shouldn’t need to be converted. If IDE shows placeholder… then it is set. There is no Edge Driver so there would be no Driver to appear in the Device in the ST app if that is what you are looking for? It is a Linked service and linked services do not have that Driver option.

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They are not using Edge drivers.

then what do you mean by “converted”?

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