Options for E12 (Small Candelabra Base) Smart Lighting to work with existing ST & Hue


I want to purchase a couple of floorlights from IKEA (this one here, to be precise: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30416149/?query=vidja), except I’ll likely purchase the version without the bulbs (https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/10309206/?query=vidja). This takes six of the small E12 Candelabra type bulbs. We currently have quite a few Hue light (color/white bulbs and several strips, too) which we generally control with Google Home or Hue Pro (on Android), occasionally using the original Hue app if things stop responding. I know that Hue now makes Candelabra bulbs but to buy six-twelve of them would be get quite expensive. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for a lesser expensive alternative that could still be controlled by voice. Obviously, I could buy regular LED bulbs and get a smart plug for the two lamps together (which we have working on a couple of lights in our family room right now) and I’ll definitely keep that in mind but if there is (particularly) a white tunable or white/color option that is a decent price and would work with either ST or Hue in some way, that would be brilliant. I’d also consider the IKEA TRÅDFRI line but I’m having difficult figuring out how it works with ST/Hue, if at all at this point in time. Just wondering what other options you might recommend.

Thanks so much in advance! :smiley:

Some Tradfri devices will work with the Hue bridge, you just have to check the product description for each one. Once it’s on the Hue bridge, it’s just like a Hue bulb to SmartThings.

I don’t think they have an E12 in that line, yet, though.

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I purchased Tradfri E12 base bulb before they were available without a custom DTH, but the 3 bulbs I have are very reliable and had no zigbee network issues after installing. I have them connected directly to ST, I did try to connect them to the Hue bridge but never could get it to work. I read somewhere it depended on the firmware version that the bulb has offshelf and the only way to update the Ikea bulbs firmware is with their own Tradfri bridge.

Thanks so much for the replies and the help! I so, so appreciate it. It’s helped a lot to get a better idea of what to expect and what is possible with the TRÅDFRI line.

I feel so thick having to ask this but from what was said, I now know that some of the new TRÅDFRI are compatible directly with both ST & Hue, which is awesome. Does this mean that I don’t need the IKEA bridge to make it work? I’m inferring from one statement that only the TRÅDFRI bridge will actually be able to update the firmware of the bulbs. Is there any functionality with the TRÅDFRI bridge and either ST or Hue or only if the bulbs are directly compatible and no compatibility with the actual bridge itself.

What exactly should I be looking for to be sure that the bulbs I’m looking at/for will work with the Hue bridge and ST directly? I feel like a total idiot that I don’t know that but I’m just thinking that the product likely doesn’t straight up say that it’s compatible with Hue/ST, right? Is there any phrase that would clue me in (like Zigbee compatible or something similar)?

Thanks again SO much for taking the time to help and to share your knowledge!

At the time when I purchased the bulbs the firmware determined if TRÅDFRI bulbs were compatible with the Hue bridge. From my search in that timeframe the TRÅDFRI line had been recently updated to include Hue bridge compatibility, so it just depended on when the bulb left the manufacturer (lot number). Also during that period I needed a custom DTH to integrate with ST, but as you know they are native to ST now. So you would not need a bridge for ST and I would think if you purchased a bulb now the firmware would be updated to include Hue bridge compatibility, as I purchased mine over 6 months ago, but would depend on if your store sold through the previous bulbs with the older firmware. Now that the TRÅDFRI line is native to ST I’m not sure if there is potential for firmware updates via ST. Preferably you would want your bulbs connected to the Hue bridge vs ST, as Hue is much more reliable in my experience

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THANKS so much for this information. I have been looking for a candelabra bulb for smart things to no avail. I setup the Tradfri bulb today, connected instantly (2 of them) and work perfectly. I FINALLY can control a wall light I have that I can use with SmartThings!!