EU Switch?

I got my EU version of ST today and so far I like what I see. But I need a Z-wave or Ziggbe switch to play around with. I have searched in tested devices list and the forum, but I don’t find any EU-version that is
compatible with ST hub.

Have someone any suggestions? I think it’s enough if at least someone have a switch he or she knows it’s a EU version of. You can start with to look here ( It’s a store in Sweden (the link goes to a English version of it) with Z-wave devices that I can buy and use. The only device on that list I can’t buy is the Fibaro Wall Plug, because Elsäkerhetsverket (equivalent to Electrical Safety First) are not allowed to be sold in Sweden for some reason.

I would check out Aeon Labs. They’re a European company and have a wide array of products. Fibaro is another company to check out.

I think also it’s my safest bet Gillbert, but of course best scenario is someone who could tell something like “I have EU version of Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch 2 ( and it’s compatible”.

But if I can find a EU version of an US device that I know is compatible. Can I assume it will work? Or can Z-wave and Zigbee devices so different in each region so that it’s more like plug and pray?

Another question I have is let say I ST add one device from Everspring to there “Safe list”, I can’t assume the rest of there Z-wave and Zigbee product lines, like motion sensors, will also work? Or I’m wrong?

Bear in mind that I’m new to Z-wave and Zigbee, but I have read much about how they generally work and what strengths and weaknesses they have. I don’t have any deep knowledge of each protocol.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Things are pretty standard in this space (at least for zigbee and zwave).

If you’re hesitant, I would reach out to the vendors. Just makes sure that when you buy it that it states it’s for the EU frequency. Most Aeon Labs product will have the EU or US listed in the model number.

Right now ST is adding capabilities quickly. I find that most of the devices on the list are supported to some degree, there are some slight caveats though (e.g. battery doesn’t report back when using a general zwave device handler).
With that said, if for instance you find an everspring motion sensor supported, and don’t see the contact sensor on the list, it’s highly likely that it hasn’t been tested before but can be paired with ST and used. I’ve jumped the gun on many devices not on the list, and for the most part when purchasing standard switches, appliance modules, motion sensors and contact sensors, you don’t have to worry too much. I made the mistake of purchasing a wireless switch Aspire RF9500 and it doesn’t act the same as a standard zwave switch, but I won’t get into that.

When in doubt, email support@[manufacture].com.

Ok. I have a device called Tellstick (RF 433 mhz controller) and have quite strict list of devices that will work. If I randomly buy a 433 device and try to pair it with any 433 controller, it’s highly unlikely it will even find the device. Sometimes I have found a device that it’s not on the list, but it’s quite rear this happens. This is the reason why I am careful to buy third party devices for home automation systems.

I’m not worry of the frequency part, it’s not allowed for a store in EU to sell a z-wave with non EU frequency.

Thanks for your advice Gilbert, it’s much appropriated. I found your thread about Aspire RF9500 (

One question. When I will go and buy a z-wave device, how important is it to look after a product with z-wave alliance certification? I understand that it’s something like prof of it’s hardware wise a quality product and not a copycat crap. But does it tell anything about it’s for example it’s works like a standard switch or not?

OH hey I have a list for this. I did testing with a few a while ago.

Should probably post it somewhere more public eventually

Everspring - EVR_AN1573
Everspring - EVR_AD1423
ACT - ZDP210
TKB Home - TKB_TZ67-E
TKB Home - TKB_TZ68-E

I liked the TKB Home switches the best. They performed great and were the smallest.

Great thread! Are there any Switches with energy monitoring capablilies like the aeon labs above that are supported by ST?

Also recieved my EU kit a couple of days ago! Noticed that Fibaro (previously only EU versions) is launching alot of products in the US now, hoping for support of those products!

I am also an owner of Tellstick by the way!


This is awesome @urman! I have ordered an Everspring AN1572, which should in theory work exactly like EVR_AN1573. I will for sure look at TKB Home for the feature. But for now, I will test out and make 100% sure that AN1572 is working as expected.

@m203 I have ordered the Fibaro Motion Sensor to test out if it will work with ST. I will post an update of the result.

I have an idea of connect my Tellstick NET with ST via Telldus’s API and maybe make ST show my devices connected to Tellstick to show up as regular “Things” in the app. This of course subject to it’s possible with the ST API. Maybe I can invite you to test it if I build one?

@walle Nice! Would be really cool if one could get the ST to change the led to red on the new Fibaro motion sensor when away mode is activated in ST :slight_smile:

If you get Tellstick api and ST working out so one can see the status in tiles (I have the following sensors in my Tellstick setup, motion, temp, open / close and switches) I would love to try it out!

I got an idea, why don’t we make a community driven compatibility list? I know this idea isn’t new, I have at least one in “List of Tested Things” thread mentioned it, but have someone actually made a list?

I have an idea to start a web page or Google Spreadsheet there everyone can suggest devices. Each device will list all features it have and what of this features that’s working. All devices will be rated based on how many of this features works.

The rating score works something like this:

1 (red) = Not working
2 (yellow) = Partially supported
3 (green) = Fully supported

Here is an example of how the rating system will work for a motion sensor with temperature sensor and battery indicator:

No motion, No temperature, No battery = 1
Motion, No temperature, No battery = 2
Motion, No temperature, Battery = 2
Motion, Temperature, Battery = 3

What do you think?

I got my shipment today (after problems with the store) and I have tested out Everspring AN1572 and Fibaro Motion Sensor.

Everspring AN1572 worked as expected, no problems at all.

Fibaro Motion Sensor on the other hand, not so well. It’s detected as an Aeon Multisensor and only the motion senor works. Senors for temperature, light, accelerometer and battery indicator are not working.

The question is what options do I have to make it work? Or will only tome tell if or when ST will support it?

Hi guys

I got the TKB plug with Power Metering (TZ88E) which works great for status and turning on/ off remotely. As soon as I search for the switch, it was recognised and allowed for a really easy setup.

BUT the power metering, which should be capable of reporting voltage, current, power factor, instant power wattage and accumulated power consumption in KWh, did not work. So may want to buy the cheaper version.

Hope this helps

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Hi there,
Hope Someone can help here. Just bought a ST from US and some TKB Switch Type TZ68G (frequency 868.42 MHz)
The TS does not recognise it when searching. I’m new here so any suggestions? Maybe use other switch that works be the same? Here it says the TZ68E works.

The US hub uses the US Z-Wave frequency 916 MHz, the EU Z-Wave products will not be compatible

Hey @walle, did you ever do anything around the Telldus NET integration? Would be very interested in seeing one… :slight_smile:

anyone had any luck accessing Telldus API??? desperate and can help in any way . .

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