Suggestion for in-wall control pads

(Kirk) #1

I have a bunch of useless light switches in my house, usually in 2-gang or 3-gang boxes. I’d love to swap those out with some sort of control panel that would be usable with SmartThings. I have seen the stick-on control pads that you can put on the wall, but I’m really looking for an in-box control pad.

I have a Hue hub as well as SmartThings with a z-wave network.

(Edward Niedziejko) #2

Are you looking for a visual control via programmable screen (for ActionTiles or alternative) or a set of buttons?

Lots of options already here:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Folks are very excited about Brilliant; but it is unproven both from a tech and business model perspective (pretty expensive, and they haven’t gone through the growing pains like the 5 years that SmartThings has had).

Over the next decade, more touchscreens, of various features, in place of physical switches are likely to become available.

But for the price of Brilliant, a decent tablet mounted at/on/around your switch offers a lot of power and flexibility.