In-wall RGBW control

Looking for help in setting up an RGBW led controller.

I would like hard controls mounted on a wall.

Im not sure if the easiest way to do this would be smarthome devices or a hardwired solution. I prefer a smarthome solution if possible.

It would be cool if I was able to implement this with smart lighting for speed and reliability, but open to using webcore as well.

What I was initially thinking was a smart switch which would allow me to cycle through modes with every press. Does this exist: A z wave switch with an extra button that just gives an output that I could use as I wish. Alternatively I could use a dimmer and change modes at every x% dim level, kind of hacky but I guess that could work.

Maybe I should just settle for a wall mounted remote.

Was planning to use the Dresden FLS-PP controller on the LED side, just cant think of a good, hard-mount method to control it with on the user side.

People have taken a lot of different approaches to this.

One of the most popular is to wall mount an inexpensive WiFi Phone and then just put an app on it. Gives you total control of all features and the cost is actually lower than a lot of the other solutions. So for most people it comes down to aesthetics. Either you like it or you don’t.


Another option is to choose one of the multibutton devices so that then you are selecting from some predefined scenes. If you use the popular remotetec eight button device, each button supports press, double press, and long hold, so that gives you 24 scenes from one device. It’s about the same size as a single gang light switch, although I think most people mount it horizontally.


The homeseer switch. Looks like a regular switch, but supports single tap, double tap, and triple tap, on both the top rocker and the bottom rocker. So some people like that if they only have a couple of scenes they want to switch between. But that one is not intuitive for guests the way the other two are.

Sunricher makes a zwave RGBW control Wall switch, but I don’t know anywhere to buy it in the US. You would need to contact them to see who is distributing it.

@adamv has the EU version working:

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thank you! Interesting options.

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Maybe the Brilliant Control: