New touchscreen controller for SmartThings

Just saw this article on the verge about a new touchscreen smart switch with SmartThings integration by Brilliant.

What do you guys think. has smart tiles got some competition.


Opens link…read article thinking to myself, why not just use a $35 tablet…read a little further…“A single switch will sell for $199”

Most of the article focuses on the simplicity of a light switch. But now you want us to take a physical smart switch and replace it with a $200 screen where you swipe up or down to turn on/off the light…

Closes web page. Nothing to see here.


:joy: Totally agree. Just thought I would share. :yum:

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It reminds me of the Bright Switch Indiegogo I funded about 3 years ago and I still have nothing to show for my funding.


Still pre-release. No way to know what it will actually do until it’s shipping. several products have promised integration with SmartThings prerelease that ended up not delivering. :disappointed_relieved:

And, yes, it reminded me of BrightSwitch also.

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I don’t plan on backing it due to the whole vaporware argument. If it were to actually be a touch control, motion sensor, smart switch, and voice control all in one, and cleanly integrated, $200 is not a bad deal. I will buy one or more when/if they are released if they actually do those things well.


I would definitely get this for all my room but by the look of it. You are dreaming for a 15 minutes installation. Getting power to the panel won’t be easy if it’s not already there. $200 bucks is not bad but no pre-order for me for sure. Will order when it’s out and fully tested.

My guess is 1.5 to 2 years, and it will be very buggy for several months thereafter.

Only $3 million in VC funding… They’ll be lucky to last long enough to get initial orders to market.

Hope they do… But pre-orders are just not working out for lots and lots of products these days. Ever heard of Pebble?

I know pebble and and a bunch of stuffs I pre-ordered as well. Learned my lesson and a slow learner to say the least :astonished:

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I think the idea is this replaces your current switch so power should already exist. I can install a z-wave switch in about 15-30 minutes now so I would assume this is about the same.