Anybody Having Problems with Slow Status? (April 2024)

Well I’ve notice my back door is offline and I got it back online but it’s not reporting history then this morning I notice front door offline play with it came back online once I got to work looked at the back door notice still no report status play with it it went back offline again I changed the batteries last night thinking maybe that was why it was offline. Didn’t change. Just now wife got home and the automations not work. Everything seams to be dragging or really slow and not working correctly or at all.

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Not slow but my Ikea devices have all dropped out within the last 24hrs ?? Cant be bothered to chase the issues anymore, if they come back great but if not they just get removed nowadays, im largely over Smartthings now, too unreliable

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Well since I got home I’ve lost the garage door, the spare bedroom sensor and still the back door And nothing is up dating the status so it doesn’t know where we are and if we come and go. Anybody else???

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No issues with current device status or dropping devices, but the history isn’t updating for any devices. My latest history for any device seems to be from around 6:25pm today. My outdoor lights are on, and show as on in the app, but in the history the last update was from this morning when they turned off. Something ain’t right…

EDIT: I will also add that there is the same lack of updates in the advanced web interface as well, so it’s not specific to the app.

We have 4 different hubs/locations all running smoothly

What Wireless Tech does your lock use (Zigbee; WiFi; Z-Wave) ? Do you have any other same Wireless Tech (i.e. if lock is Z-Wave, do you have other Z-Wave devices) ?

We had a location with strikingly similar issue with 8 Z-Wave Locks. Here’s what we did to resolve it.

Ok I finally figured out it was the back door Kwikset 912 lever smart lock lost it connection because by the end of the week I noticed that everything was working fine after a rebooting the powered devices so then I focused on just the back door Deleted it and repaired it and it’s working once again. Had to reassign all the codes for family.

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