Submitting External API Access Publication Request

I’m developing an app that controls SmartThings using their external API access.
I can’t find the place where I can submit it for review. At the moment the number of OAuth connections is limited.
How can I get this number increase?

Thank you very much,



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There is a form in the documentation for oAuth. In the meantime send and email to

Thank you guys @jody.albritton, @jkp. We’ve just sent an email.

Email sent. When do you think we should expect it to be approved?

Also, I think the are some buttons missing from our workspace console.
There is no Test option nor Publish:

Hi @shahar_wienrib! The form that was mentioned is this, the requests are reviewed on a daily basis so it wouldn’t take too long.
You won’t need nor Test or Publish given that the integration is actually on your side. You’ll be able to use it from the first moment you deploy your service!

Do we have any limit to the number of OAuth clients that can connect to our API integration?


Hi @shahar_wienrib, the initial amount of clients that can connect is 20, when you are close to reaching the limit and if you need more, you can create a request to support for an increase.

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