Questions for publishing an Automation, Api rate Limits

(Using the new/latest SmartThings app)
I want to create a SmartApp Automation which will track sensor data for hundreds or maybe even thousands of users.

If I publish an automation, will that automation be available in the “Add automation” screen to anyone with a SmartThings app, anywhere in the world, or just in some specific countries?

How does the “Recommended” automations list work? Will a search input be added in the future so that users can easily find automations?

If my automation is installed by thousands of users, I will exceed the API rate limits . How do a go about to increase these limits?

I thought the API rate limits were per user account, because each person is getting their own instance of the smartapp. At least that’s the way it worked on the old platform, I’m not sure about the new platform.

You’ll probably get a quicker answer to your question if you ask in the developer forums. Most people in this forum are still working with the old platform.

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You could either do an endpoint app that is published into our mobile app or use oAuth and use your own external service for the installation flow. I have included the rate limit info below. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.

Rate Limit Info:

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Hi @jody.albritton ,

I have posted a similar question over at Sampling Rates if you had any input!