New hub - downloading updates... stuck?

Hi everyone, I’ve just received my v3 Hub (Aeotec) from Amazon UK.

I’m going through the setup process on the app and it’s reached “Downloading updates…”

However it’s been “stuck” at 13% for nearly 30mins now (apparently should take less than 10mins). The light is blinking alternate red/green.

Is this normal and I just need to wait, or will I need to force it to stop and try from the beginning again?


EDIT - just after I posted, the light started blinking blue, meaning the firmware is being installed. But the whole process has been going 90mins… That can’t be normal?

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might have had something to do with the internet connection and/or the fork it was getting the update from.

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Ok … I’m seeing the same thing!

Brand new Aeotec v3 Hub. Plugged in via Ethernet. Started the installation process and I’m stuck at 5%. It’s been a LONG time.

What is this process actually doing? I read that it’s using Bluetooth, or my Ethernet, or??

It finally displayed an error that it was taking too long and had a retry button. When I clicked Retry it pulled another 100kb and is hung again?

How can this be so broken after years of being deployed?

Ok, on my phone it died again with an “Error code: 33-702” and the unit is now slow blinking blue.

The phone app offers to Exit or Retry.

Thoughts on next steps?

UPDATE: And yes, the router does show it as an Ethernet client with IP assigned.

blinking blue indicates there is no ethernet or wifi connection.

try restarting your router first :slight_smile:

I have … but if I had no Internet, I would not be posting here. And I’m streaming music, and I did a speed test and have 15Mbps down and 15Mbps up. :slight_smile:

And I got to 5% … and then it stopped.

What to do to restart the process?

Ok … I power reset the hub. The light eventually went to blinking yellow … I think.

The app was still at the Exit/Retry screen and I hit retry. This time the update progress moved quickly - but didn’t show the MB downloaded - and went to 99%. It hung there for some time, and then the app reset to the Hub page and it all seems to be working.

What a pain!