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Stuck installing new smart apps

I am stuck. I have finally started seriously playing with my hub. I set everything up, but I see all these suggestions for SmartApps and device drivers I should install from GitHub…I know I’ll also be interested in writing my own, in the long run, so I’ve also gone through the tutorial to “Write your own first SmartApp”.

But everything I can find (and I’ve searched a lot) ends with something like “Publish the app to yourself, then go to your mobile app and select the ‘My Apps’ section of the Marketplace.”

…and this is where I’m stuck. My mobile app as NO “Marketplace” that I’ve been able to identify anywhere. I gather from reading things here that I have the “Connect” app rather than the “Classic” app. But surely there is a way to load “My apps” using the “Connect” app (considering I was not given a choice I’m aware of for which app to install). Am I wrong? I feel like this information must be out there somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t find it anywhere, so I haven’t been able to install “My first app” or any of the community apps that are out there.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Basically you need the Classic app at this point. The Samsung Connect app does not have the full functionality that is available in the Classic. :slight_smile:

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But I have also seen mentioned that if I create my automations using the classic app, they will have to be thrown away when the connect app does become “the thing to use”, right? Seems incredibly half-assed to release a partly functional new app, but I imagine I’m preaching to the choir with that thought. :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointer!

Wondering that myself.

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custom smart apps work in both mobile apps once they are installed in Classic

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As long as your SmartApp is following the latest ST specifications as per the documentation, they will work fine (about 99% of the features work, a few things like auto refresh don’t work yet) with the new ST Connect app.

However as Jimmy pointed out you need to use the Classic app to install them (after which you can view/configure them through the new ST connect app). You can find step by step instructions on how to install and update custom SmartApps using the Classic app on the SmartThings Wiki created by JD or a ready reference here as well:

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Thanks everyone! I now have both apps installed on my phone. Curious solution, but easy, at least! :slight_smile: Thanks again to everybody!

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Just check that you’ve enabled notifications for only one app otherwise you’ll get duplicate notifications

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