Struggling to get Gledopto GL-MC-001PK connected

Need a little bit of help here folks. Just received my Gledopto lightstrip GL-MC-001PK which is supposed to be supported by ST. For the life of me, I cant get it connected though. I can see it flashing and try finding it but no joy. Strangely, if I try and specify the device, the only Gledopto options I see are “switch/dimmer” and the only one certified for Ireland is “RGB+CCT LED Controller”. Have I done something wrong here? Any tips?

Update, and hopefully this helps others in a similar position, after at least 10 attempts to make it connect, I was able to finally get it connected using the “Scan nearby” option. No idea why it took so many but its connected now and I can start to play with it.

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I have Gledopto, too. You will like them. They work flawlessly, and the best part PRO version works with RF remote control that is independent from SmartThings, even if hub is down.