Strange (minor) Issue with Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor

Interesting! Thanks for mentioning this, @art_333. I’m experiencing the same issue: two ZSE40 devices, powered with a voltage regulator fed by a typical USB charger block, both have showed ‘motion’ when there wasn’t anyone home, and both were switched from the Zooz driver to the more generic SmartThings default driver–which made the false motion event go away. Switching back to the official Zooz driver immediately set the status back to ‘motion.’

A subsequent power outage at the house made the condition go away and I’m back on the official Zooz driver. Like you, @art_333, I’m away from home and can’t troubleshoot further at this time.

Historically (and this may interest you, @csstup) I’ve seen this with other devices over time: an Aeotec Multisensor 6 and two contact sensors (one an older GoControl, the other an Ecolink Z-Wave+ device). These occurrences were observed over years, literally, and happened back in the Groovy days. I’ve always suspected the SmartThings Z-Wave implementation itself–not the specific drivers.

Years ago, as an experiment describe here, I forced a sleepy contact sensor on a door 1500 miles away to report it’s open/closed status the next time it woke to report battery level. The door was closed–not open, as SmartThings was reporting!

Later in the same thread, I recount the Multisensor 6 incident–with the same result.

Perhaps the same thing is happening today! It would be interesting if, perhaps when updating device settings, that the driver request the current state as well as writing the device settings to the device. Then one could tweak a setting and sit back and wait for the device to call the mother ship. That would speak volumes… :wink: