Strange IDE Issue

Hi all, I created a smart app which shows up on the following web address.

However, the hub doesn’t show up.

When I change the address to the app disappears and there’s no github integration but I can see my hub and home.

What’s going on? I don’t even have the option to integrate github on the app page if I can see my hub. Is this to do with my geographical position or something? (I’m in the UK).

Can you manually paste the SmartApp into the “My SmartApps” tab of graph-eu01?

Some information is shared between graph.api and the other shards (graph-eu01, graph-na02, …), but, really, very little. I don’t think that custom SmartApps are shared.

As for GitHub integration … maybe disconnect GitHub completely from graph.api and see if the option becomes available. Or… perhaps GitHub integration is currently not available in the UK shard…

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@Daerve yes that is not strange at all, if you are a UK user you should only use the shard’s address


Thanks both.

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Also, will route you to the correct environment for your account.

When did this secret come out? This is huuuuuuuge! Shout it from the rooftops!!!

This URL existed before I started here, don’t know when or what it’s inception was. In fact, I have never used anything but the URL as a consumer or a staff member.

Hmmm… Thing is, it is directing me to graph.api immediately even before I login; so how can it know my shard?

Gotta double check with an incognito login; but I’m thinking this alias or redirect isn’t the magic I presumed… :worried:

Quick follow up to this, I have the same thing, If i click the devtools link on the community page - I log in, then hub etc is empty but devices and smartApps are not … i have the options to edit and use the Github integration. On the other hand none of these smart apps show up, as my Hub isnt listed. If i then login to my Hub, and goto the smartApps tab… i have a list of apps which i have added directly via code, but all other options are gone… no github integration etc.

Im guessing the direct devtools link and login ( is for smart app building in a sandbox and the ( is what my hub account actually uses? .

How do i link the github integration into “my hub” smartApps? or do i need to manually remove/copy any apps every time there is an update?

Appreciate any Help/Advice


Github integration is not currently available in the UK. We are working on new tools that will be the same for every user. PM me if you would like to join the next round of betas.

Thanks Will do.

I just ran into this issue. Did a bunch of work on the documented IDE site and then when nothing showed up I was told this in a support chat.

It looks like you are in our second server shard so you will need to use this URL to log in and publish the SmartApp:

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