Smartthings url?


Just wondering if these 2 address are different

This one takes to my devices/ smart apps/ Hubs, but does not allow me to add / link repositories on GItHub

This URL lets me add / integrate GitHub, but does list not list my existing smartapps/ devices. It identifies my location, but does not list the hubs

I am based in UK. Any help/ advise to add GitHub integration, also shed light on 2 different url’s , wud be grateful

Thank you

Unless I’m mistaken, GitHub integration doesn’t work in UK yet.

Recommend removing it from graph.api and use the eu01 URL directly for everything. Cut and paste RAW from GitHub files.

Tx tgauchat

not surprised…like many things, not be available in UK :slight_smile:

@luckyearl i think from the info regarding GitHub integration from the US guys is that GitHub integration slows down the IDE a lot.

I just use GitHub desktop to do the sync, you don’t need the integration IMHO

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Tx Fuzzyligic, any pointer how I cud use desktop GitHub?

its very very easy, on github’s website if you fork any repositories you want, all you need to do then is click on the plus icon on the top left and choose clone, you can then clone that repository to a directory on your local hard drive, likewise if you do the same for your repositories not just the ones you have forked.

the once you amend any files in the you will see these on the changes tab, where you can review the code differences etc, then to commit you just select the files you want to commit and fill in the details of the commit and then choose commit to master, then its a simple case of hitting the Sync to push the changes up to and down from github

further help is available from

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As another (free) alternative on the desktop, I highly recommend Sourcetree for Mac and Windows; it integrates just as well with GitHub, but I prefer its UI for some stuff, especially complex branching, etc…

For simple repos, it probably doesn’t matter.

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