Developer tools (IDE) sync problem

When i log into the developers page i find no hub, no apps, devices etc. This already happened to me before. When i reset the password on my mobile ap and after that login again at developers my hub, apps, devices show up again.

Maybe related, maybe not, but my github integrate button is visible when i see no hub, but after i change password the github button is gone.

Is this a known program or am i doing something wrong?


You’re logged into the wrong shard

1 Like should take you to the correct Shard, but if in doubt, go to My Locations and select your Location of your Hub.

Well i still don’t see what’s the difference, but through your link it works! I bookmarked it. But the button “integrate with Github” button did dissapear after logging in to the right shard. And i do not have an integration already since i only have ST for 1 day and was just about to get to that part.

What Shard are you on?

A while back, GitHub integration was not available in EU; though stuff changes both quickly and slowly around here, so I dunno what the current situation is, frankly. :confused:

I don’t know exactely what you mean with shard, but im in the EU and logged into the Uk version. I guess i have to try and work my way around this. Nice app you created btw, im gonna have a try with that as soon as i have my devices and basic stuff order.

Fixed it!

There is no button in the UK version indeed. But i found a direct link which takes you to the right page and you can integrate Github in UK or EU. Follow this url:

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