Strange device in my list

hello all, noticed in my list of devices that i have 2 phones, but i physically only have one.
one is listed as a Mobile_as_a_thing
what are the difference between the 2? how was it created. thanks!

There are already a couple of threads about this in the forum. Basically, under the new architecture, your phone is two devices, a master device, and the geopresence device. I’ll post a link to some of the threads discussing it in a minute, but there’s nothing more to it than that. Only one of them will be available to use in Routines and that’s the one you use. :sunglasses:

Here are the links:

Two devices when you enable "Get location for this phone"?

Same Mobile Device listed twice in SmartThings Advanced


in my quick search of “mobile as a thing” i came up dry, so i posted. but thanks for the links and the info.

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