Same Mobile Device listed twice in SmartThings Advanced

I have 3 mobile devices being used as presence sensors. (works most of the time). I’m looking through the devices listed in the SmartThings Advanced page and noticed 1 of them is listed twice.

The first instance has no location,
The second instance has it as Home.

They have 2 different device id’s / Same label / Same device name

When clicking on the first instance and scrolling down the page I have an error: Error loading device activities/events: 422 The request is malformed. locationId: is not a valid value.

When clicking on the second instance all looks good. It is showing the attribute and value.

So thinking that the first instance is not needed, I deleted it in the SmartThings Advance page. - - Both instances go away.

Going into that device in SmartThings I discover that “get your location from this phone” is now turned off.

Turning on “get your location from this phone” creates 2 instances of that device in the SmartThings Advanced page.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Yes… And it is repeatable. Almost like this phone has 2 device id’s. I don’t think that is possible.

First Instance with error at bottom:

Second Instance that seemingly is working:

Read the thread at the link that @JKP gave you above. It’s not an error, it’s just the way the architecture works now. The device without a location is considered the parent device. The one with the location is the one that can trigger automations.

That must have been an edit. I didn’t see it before. We’ll call it good! Thanks for the help!!

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