Strange behavior of Smart Sense Motion detectors 2015 model

In the last week three of my motion detectors just drop offline. One totally failed and was replaced. For some reason I think, but not all all sure is that the batteries show 67% but are really close to dead. So the battery readings I receive are way off. Is that possible?

My stuff always dies at sixty seven percent. I don’t know why

I think there is a major problem in the way SmartThings reads the device. This should be corrected quickly.

I am having the same issue. Battery was reported at 78%, then all of a sudden offline. I contacted support and they told me the batteries need to be replaced. Waiting for new batteries to come from Amazon and I will update if that works. Does seem strange that all of sudden they went offline.

I didn’t notice the problem with batteries UNTIL the firmware was updated on the device itself. Now, it’s pretty consistent ~67% or so, and it’s dead.

In my book if it is 67% it is more than half way. So it has to be an error. I will contact support and make them aware of it.

While that was my thought, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Received email from support. They are working on the problem, they were aware of it. The recommend replacing the battery whenever there is daylight savings. In other words in the spring and again when we set the clocks back in the fall.

Ok. So the battery use to last a year, and now it’s 6 months. Interesting.

I wonder if the 67% mark is only for the CR2450 batteries. I have 2 devices that use the CR215H270 that are at 56% and they seem to be working fine.

That was only a recommendation.