Sensors not working at 67% battery level

I’ve had SmartThings for just under a year and noticed that when the battery level in either the motion sensors or the multi sensors gets to 67% they stop working. When I change the battery they work again.

Is 67% the lowest the battery indicators go? I’ve seen people on here write about them being lower then 50%. Why do mine die at 67%? Does this happen to anyone else?

Also is a year of battery life pretty standard for these sensors before the batteries need changing?


have you tried pulling the battery and putting the same one back in? Could be they are dropping off the network and the battery pull itself is fixing them.

Out of curiosity, if you bring the sensor closer to the hub or a repeater, does it work again? I’m wondering if it’s just a signal strength issue as the battery drains instead of a threshold issue like you’re experiencing.

Unfortunately I didn’t try it with first 2 sensors that this happened to but the 3rd one is less then 1 metre from the hub so signal strength certainly won’t be a problem for that one.

Next time, or if it happens again with one further away I’ll do more experimentation with it.

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There was a post to the forums in the last six weeks by a staff member Who said there was a known issue with some of the SmartThings branded devices in the most recent generation when the battery level got under 70%. I don’t remember exactly where it was – – I think it was in one of the motion sensor topics but there have been a bunch of those recently and I’m not sure exactly which one. But the first thing I would do is try just putting in a new battery and see if that fixes it.

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Doing that fixed the issue with my multi-sensor but not for my motion sensors. Only new batteries worked in them.

I’ll check tomorrow with my multimeter if this latest battery is definitely drained.

That’s interesting. I’ll try to dig around and find that post. New batteries ordered off Amazon, should be here in a few days. I got just about a year out of them so I can’t really complain.

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