Strange 3 way wiring problem

Anyone give me a clue as to what’s going on. The Red and Black twisted pair seem to be hot even with the power off. This is on a bathroom of that helps and the is a gfi wall socket near by.
Thanks for the help.

Have you taken a look at the FAQ. It appears you may have a setup like line-switch-load-switch-1 but it is hard to tell where the wires are going in the main box.

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Thank you for giving me a starting point. I missed the FAQ sorry. The light is running on a 3 way that I pictured in my last post. Best as I can tell there are 3 separate 3 wire coming down into the box and a 2 wire up into it. The slave switch just has a 3 wire in the box. I hope this helps explain better what I have.

Looks like you have #9 with a extra run to that outlet

As stated earlier line-switch-load-switch-1 in the FAQ is the wiring diagram for #9 linked above.

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