Another 3-way Help Request

Hi all,

I’ve got another 3-way switch that I’m trying to replace and I thought I would seek advice from the experts before I delve into it. I’ve got the Honeywell Z-wave in-wall switch and an add-on ready to go once I’ve got the wiring figured out.

Here’s Box1 which I have determined to be the “hot” box:

And this is Box 2:

So, of course, any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, and, if I need to get better pics on the boxes, please let me know.

Have a look here

Looks like you’ve got “light between the switches #2” configuration.

Just an aside: the Zooz ZEN26 switch and ZEN27 dimmer let you smarten a 3-way by only replacing one side. The other side retains the dumb switch and does not need to be required. If you’re doing a dimmer, you don’t gain the ability to dim from both switches, the dumb side remains on/off only. And there are some load limits that need to be watched. But it’s a significant cost savings.

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Not so sure about that. Looks like the 3 way was added after the fact given 14-3 goes down via track and 2 14-2s go in back of wall for old switch.

Appears that line and load are in that first box. @tommymac remove the wire nuts and use a multimeter to measure the black and white wires. Should read 120V if my suspicion is correct.

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Yes, I noticed that the white wire in the 14-3 is actually white while the ones in the 14-2 cables have yellowed with age.

But the diagram I referenced still looks correct. It looks to me like it’s actually “line and load in the same box with added 3-way”

Your suspicion is correct. 120v when I use the multimeter on the wire-nutted black and white wires.

Interesting I hadn’t paid that close attention to the wiring diagram names and when I read “between the switches” I really thought you meant that with 14-3 going to light. I would not agree with that name at all but know I am splitting hairs.

Master will go in that first box then and Aux in second. You good with wiring?

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Yep. This did the trick.

Thanks to you both for your help and advice on this. I was a bit leery on this one and wasn’t sure if I could even pull it off.