GE Z Wave 3 Way Switch

I have 2 hall lights that is control on a 3 way switch. I am having trouble connecting a GE Zwave smart control and add on switch. Below is the way I believe everything is wired. Any suggestions on how to wire this up?

That configuration is pretty straight forward

As @prjc92eh2 said, that’s pretty straightforward. It’s typical of a three way switch wiring.

Most times when 3 way switch wirings go awry, it’s because the traveler wires are on the wrong terminals. The travelers are the two wires that potentially carry hot to the other switch.

If you can identify the hot “source” (where the power comes from to start with), that black wire goes to the first switch on the terminal that doesn’t have another terminal on the other side of the switch. The blank and red wires of the three-conductor romex go to the two screws that are opposite of each other.

Same thing on the far switch. The black and red in the three conductor romex go to the two screws that are opposite each other, and the “single” black screw terminal is the hot (2 conductor romex) that goes to the lights.

About the only difference from the non-smart three way switches is that you also have to wire the neutral. It should be marked on the switches.

Ok you are right. Once I stopped over thinking it I was able to get it to work but basically moving the power to the switch other switch by bundling the black wires and just using the red as the traveler and the other switch box had the light control cables. Now I’m just have to figure out my fan/light combo. For some reason the circuit keeps tripping so I’m going to double check my neutral cables and others. Thanks for your help I was just about to give up and just return them.