Stopping a Smartapp

Lets say I have a smartapp under smart lighting that goes off every weekday that I work. Say I get the day off and don’t want the smartapp to fire, how can I stop it other than deleting it or changing it. I don’t see any way to suspend the operation. Thanks for any input.

In your Smart Lighting rule, scroll to the bottom and click on More Options, you can change Only When Mode is, maybe change it to only when mode is away?


OK Thanks, and also, I was tallking to you in the webcore and it would not let me answer you back. I did get webCoRE updated (I think) after I disconnected and reconnected from the github repository. Thanks for your help.

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you’re welcome! glad you got it working

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Eventually, everybody will be migrated to the new app, and that one does have the ability to suspend an individual automation. (Don’t migrate until they tell you too, though, or you will cause problems for your account.)

For now, using the smartthings classic app, then most people do it either with a mode Or with some fancy webcore option. :sunglasses: