Automate SmartApp pause?

The new SmartThings app allows SmartApps to be paused, and this is also possible through the IDE. I’ve found this to be the best way to ‘turn off’ a smartapp. I’m wondering whether it’s possible to automate this.

Other methods to disable a smartapp have been either hacky and limiting (changing the mode), or unreliable (using a virtual motion sensor as a switch).

The scenario I have in mind is this: I’m using the Virtual Thermostat smartapp to turn on/off a heater, controlled with a smart plug. I can’t just turn the smart plug off, since the smartapp will turn it back on.

It would be great to have a separate smartapp that could turn off the heater as well as the Virtual Thermostat so that the heater isn’t turned on again. And I’d like to schedule it so that I don’t accidentally leave it on all night.

Any thoughts?