Disable SmartThings Smart App

I have a group of Christmas lights that I have setup using Smart Lighting. The holiday season is over and I no longer want them to come on. I do want them to come on next season.

Is there a way to disable an Smart Lighting app for a period of time?

Nope. Best thing to do is create a dummy mode and schedule it to run in that that mode. Switch it back when it’s time again to light me up!

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But can you have two modes active at the same time? E.g. “Away” and “Christmas”?

No. plus 20 characters

What he is saying was to have a mode that you’re never in (i.e. Disabled) and temporarily set the SmartApp to run only in that mode

You could create a virtual switch and link the app to that, then next Christmas switch the app back to the Christmas switches.

Another option would be to create a custom app that functions like the SmartThings app, but add a kill switch to it so the app won’t run when turn on.

I have used both methods depending on the need or the complexity of set up the app.

Thanks, I understand now.

Best way would be to use Rule Machine instead of Smart Lighting and then within rule machine have the option of “disable rule when a swtich is ON”- Use a virtual switch to disable the rule. When holiday season starts again, flip the virtual switch again and the rule kicks in.