Override Smartapps

Not sure if this has been discussed (did a search and couldn’t find anything), but one of my biggest gripes is not being able to override an automatic app. For example, I’m using the app that automatically turns on and dims up your lights in the morning. Its meant to wake me up slowly and nicely. However, sometimes I want to sleep in, but the damn thing still turns on. And the only way for me to turn it off is to go and edit the smartapp and get rid of that day or something.

Another example. I have it set for my lights to turn off and doors to lock at 10pm. We were having a party the other night and well, you know where this goes.

Is there the ability to develop an enhancement whereby it pops up a message on your phone (like a notification) and gives you the ability to say “cancel this”?

Set up a mode and don’t have your smart apps run in that mode. Then when you know you will be sleeping or have friends over put SmartThings in that mode.


This is a good solution. It would be cool if Changing Modes or Triggering (virtual) Actions could be added to the API. Then you could do things like:
Have Ubi change into a mode like this using your voice (not phone)
-Same for whenever Amazon Echo gets integrated
Have Siri/Tasker switch modes without opening up the app
Have IFTTT integrations change modes or run a group action

@johnosstyn That’s a good suggestion, but it requires preparation, i.e. me knowing that I will be sleeping in. Some mornings, I just decide not to get up, or sometimes we decide to stay up later. Per @vitamincm’s suggestion, I’d like to see the ability to change the mode at that point and then have it all shut off. Right, now if I change the mode after the action happens, it doesn’t revert back.

Use a hello home phrase to activate/deactivate some stuff when motion is sensed.

I have a mode called “Guest Mode” that turns off all my automation.

Sounds like a smartapp needs to be enhanced here. Like do this if there is not motion in the last 2 hours… if there is motion skip this action.

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I dealt with this problem with bedside Minimotes, one for my wife and one for me. My wife’s has a button labeled “Nap”, which when pushed changes the mode to one that disables motion turn-ons, and turns out the lights; pushing it again restores the mode. I have a similar button. So if I want to sleep in, I can push my button to change the mode and turn out the lights.

Obviously there is a rub between the concept of “automatic” and steps one takes to disable automatic events. Somewhere, something manual has to happen. I find the Minimote is a good tool in that feeling the four buttons without looking is very easy.


My solution is just to turn off the manual switch on my lamp when I want to sleep in.