Stock Fibaro Motion Z-wave Non-Local

I recently installed a new Fibaro Motion Sensor, which is officially supported device and wanted to run it locally. I used the stock device handler only to realize that is not eligible to run locally. I contacted support and they directed me to the “community” for further guidance. This is their response:

"I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but I’ll be happy to help!

I can certainly understand your concern regarding the Fibaro Motion Sensor. I did review our locally running device type list and there isn’t a specific handler for the Fibaro. However, there is a Z-Wave Motion Sensor device type handler. I’d suggest giving that a try. Also, I’d suggest looking in the Community to see if other customers have asked the same question. We’re actively working on adding more devices to the list of locally supported devices.

If there’s anything else that you need or have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,"

@slagle or @jody.albritton why isn’t an official z-wave device allowed to run locally? Any thoughts?

Not every device can run locally. At the moment, you can be safe with in-wall z-wave switches and most zigbee devices. Z-Wave devices are a little different so not all can run locally.

Thanks for your quick response. What a bummer! Really of all sensors the Fibaro was left out. I have Aeon Labs and Ecolink both running locally, I didn’t expect Fibaro to be excluded from the club…

@slagle are you sure it wasn’t an oversight and someone just forgot to turn a flag on? I just don’t see what the big difference is between Fibaro and Aeon Labs…

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…and to prove my point. Just switched the handler to Aeon Gen 5

just lost humidity…but other than that…it works:

Yeah, not at all device run locally. There isn’t a “flag” that just turns this on. It’s in the firmware.

ok, gotcha. Thanks. Maybe one day will be pushed through, then. It works ok with the Aeon handler for now.

As in, the local device type handlers are embedded in the hub firmware? Or there’s something particular about this device’s firmware (or any device for that matter) which could prevent it from working locally?

Just trying to wrap my head around why this particular device wouldn’t run locally other than it not making the short-list to get included in the hub firmware for local control?

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You got it.