New app is garbage

Slow. Unable to save changes to scenes. Bad enough to almost hope the hub fails so I can replace it.


I am having two problems with the new app.

  1. I had a water leak sensor that got wet and it sent me an alert. I dried it off and the app shows it being dry. I dismissed the alert and days later it is still sending me reminders to dismiss it, yet there is no longer any way to dismiss it. The sensor is showing dry.
  2. as soon as I uninstalled the old app, the new app is not recognizing my iPhone as a presence sensor even though I had gone into the IDE and created a virtual presence sensor paired to my phone. It worked well until I deleted the old app.

Usually this is a result from not removing SHM custom rules and SHM in the Classic app and that is what is sending the alerts. Reinstall the Classic app, remove the customrules and tHen remove SHM if you haven’t already and also habpven’t run the migration tool.

I am not sure what exactly you did here. Was the virtual device tied to the old Classic app presence by chance?

Thanks JKP,
I’ll try installing the old app again and trying that.
I will have to check the IDE but possibly you are correct there also.

I checked the IDE at which is my Samsung account. Both phones and virtual presence sensors appear to be fine.
I tried the Find My Phone that you suggested in another post but it said I had no registered phones. Huh???

But if you had removed the Classic app, the presence sensor for it would cease to work. You may want to go ahead and remove that presence sensor.Then point the simulated presence to the presence of the new app. You can use automations to achieve this.

Thanks jkp,
I will try that.