Sticky back printing paper for buttons?

Weird ask, but is there something out there for the IKEA buttons to make them look more appealing to look at so my wife knows what the buttons do?
Currently doing this and it just look horrible.
I know there’s sticky back printing paper out there but I’d likely need some sort of template wouldn’t I.

Anyways, has anyone else came up with a way to label your buttons.

Lots of options, depending on exactly what you want it to look like.

  1. regular LabelMaker with different font sizes. There are dozens of these sold at both Amazon and office supply stores. You’ll also get a choice of tape, size and color.

Since changing batteries is so difficult for me, I like this one, which is a plug-in style, but most of them are battery operated.

I do use third-party label tape because it is so much less expensive.

  1. pre-printed labels. These usually come in a choice of white background, black background, or transparent. They can get a little pricey, but lots of options and save you a lot of time over typing in individual labels. Here are a couple of examples. You may also be able to find some at lower cost on Etsy. Make sure they say “waterproof“ or they will smudge over time. :umbrella:

These were under “home automation stickers.“

2a) choose white or black background.

2b) here’s a cheaper option at nine dollars which are words only, tiny stickers, which even come with a tweezer to help apply them.

2b) flic has a five dollar pack you can buy that are sized to fit their buttons. It’s only 40 stickers, but may be the least expensive preprinted option if they have the ones you want.


  1. if you want labels that glow in the dark, search for “boat label stickers.” :speedboat:

  1. transparent, no-smudge labels for laser or inkjet printers. As you may have already discovered, regular transparent printable labels for home printers often have a smudge problem if it’s something you’re going to be touching directly. :disappointed_relieved:

You can find ones which do work with inkjets and don’t smudge, but they are more expensive. Plus, you may have to trim them down to size which is more time and effort. On the plus side, many label companies offer downloadable templates.

I have found these to work well on buttons, but I stopped using them after a while and went to the pre-printed ones because it was just so much work to get them to fit. So now I’d rather pay more for something that’s instantly ready to use. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Label makers are pretty cheap. Once you have one you’ll find lots of uses for it.

Here’s a random one from Amazon. There are cheaper ones, I’ve had a different Brother model for years.

Brother P-Touch, PTM95, Handy Label Maker, 9 Type Styles, 8 Deco Mode Patterns, Navy Blue, Blue Gray


Thank you all. Looks like the little label printers will do the trick here. I like some of them have an app with lots and lots of different symbols etc to print out too.

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I used the Avery Sticker Project Paper 8½ x 11 sheets from Walmart, about $10 for a pack of 7 sheets. They come in White and Clear. Then I was able to make whatever labels I wanted.

Pro tip: when using an inkjet printer these labels will smudge over time, when they get wet, or wiped with cleaning products. I overlaid a clear sheet on the labels before cutting them to size…no smudges in over a year now.


Thanks. I can’t seem to see them in The UK.