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Previously I asked some questions regarding

While that led to some good discussion, we didn’t really get any answers. The last 24 hours there appears to be a decent amount of platform inconsistency, yet little acknowledgment via this official status channel. So I ask again can the criteria for a platform issue making it to this page be shared with the community? Is this a case where you all don’t know there are issues going on or is it more that it just hasn’t reached the thresholds that have been set. If the later, can you share any details about those thresholds? Maybe you can’t share them, but could you at least provide some kind of scope for and what we should and should not expect out of it?


What are you talking about? I minute ago, everything was operational…


Here is your answer…

Funny thing about a system status page. To reflect the true state off the system the status page must be one of two ways…

  1. system status - possible failures and degraded performance for a small percentage of users


  1. system status - off.

Those are the ONLY true real time statuses that will ever be 100% accurate.

There is not a cloud based, our for that matter, compete system ever that has been our will be 100% operational for all users, unless it is operating in the O.F.F. Mode.

We (yes I’m guilty too) should stop harping about the status page and realize that as users of this forum and the fact that the vast majority of is have more devices in our dock drawer than the other 99.99% of the users, it is NEVER going to apply to us!

Thank, and may the force turn on your lights.

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So can we have a Status Page that reports on the current limitations of the Status Page?


Maybe this thread can serve as status of the status page that reports on the limitations of the status page.

Does anyone have the status?

In all seriousness, admitting there is a problem is half the battle.

This white wash status page is problem. It erodes confidence.

There should be a reported status section at the very least where trending issues, perhaps community involved/voted, can make them appear on the main page?

There also needs to be a known limitations / known issues document or thread where all known limitations/issues are documented and publicly available.

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Huge applause :clap:

A few of us in the SmartThings Developer Slack channel discussed this at length last week, agreeing that the current main Status page would be too cluttered if it was used for ongoing issues, bugs, or partial feature outages.

Since SmartThings didn’t offer an alternative, we suggested (and concluded) it seemed entirely practical for a Moderated Category to be added to this Community Forum where ST Engineers (and/or the Developer /Community Advocates) could create and update a Topic for each issue. The Topics could be read-only / no discussion, but we could subscribe to updates.

  • The suggestion was summarily dismissed by the attending SmartThings employee… “we’re working on something” (or short similar phrase).

  • We admitted the suggestion wasn’t perfect, but seemed to have more benefits than drawbacks as an interim solution… But no response.


In the age of technology, they seem to still be working on a piece of paper while shopping for a professional scanner…


Heck… myself (and the others chatting, and plenty of other Community members here, especially developers with users or customers of our own), would actually be quite happy even if SmartThings scribbled a few notes when there’s an issue, took a selfie with them. As long as they then posted it, quickly and consistently, and with updates, resolution estimates (when available), and release notes (when resolved).

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Imagine that.

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Hmm, amazing similarity of phrasing to this fellow… Coincidence? #thank (j/k) :sweat_smile:

actually I think the status page should include an on-demand local status test. Manual-only and limited repetitions.

General status is not too useful even if it’s 100% accurate. Does it affect ME?

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Hey guys, just catching up on things because of SDC. I’ll look into the severity of these issues and see if it warrants a status page update.

Voice over fix… Sounds so minor… Bet it is. Let’s get that fixed today.