Somewhere ... Announcements, Status of Sever, IDE, IOS, Android, ?more

I see the need to expand the Forum or elsewhere for … SmartThings Status of Things.
Due to the Server Issues last week and the current IDE Simulator issue running virtual devices.
Seems SmartThings could provide a place to look for issues rather than

  1. Burn hours on something that is not going to work … and create … bad karma
  2. Burn hours to respond to and close hundreds of Tickets created.

Or something along those lines … My 2 cents.


Even just a Twitter update (or a separate account if you prefer)

@philsst @dianoga,

A feature request was made for the Smartthings cloud to notify the user when the hub was down. That was put in before Friday’s problems so I think it just hastened the progress on it :). Not everyone visits the same sites but I think is the best place for this info.