Status of which devices can be used locally without the cloud?

Hi there folks,

I’ve been using a RaspberryPi with an Zigbee USB-stick for the last 12 month and haven’t kept up with the SmartThings community.

I remember that at the time there was an effort to allow more device handlers to be executed locally on the SmartThings Hub without the cloud. How’s the status of this “project”?

Is there some kind of table that lists which devices can be used locally? I’m mainly interested in using Zigbee 3.0 light, switches and sensors locally due to the increased speed of the execution.

All smartthings managed devices will be switched to run locally at some point when the groovy platform goes away. This will probably happen by the end of 2021 but could also be done later on…

all? ………………

At present, all custom code still runs in the cloud. But they have been adding more and more stock DTHs to the list of which can run locally. Sometimes you just have to try it and see. Or ask in the forum about a specific DTH.

Sometimes it looks like they just haven’t gotten around to a particular capability because there weren’t any SmartThings brand of devices with that capability.

For example, there is a generic DTH for a Z wave lux sensor which can run locally. But as of this writing there is no similar generic DTH for a Zigbee lux sensor, even though there are more Zigbee devices with this capability. :thinking:

We don’t actually know yet what’s going to happen once groovy goes away with the hub connected devices: they have published very little about this. So while many people believe that all of the Zigbee and zwave will then run locally, the company has not confirmed that, and there could still be a cloud component, just not a groovy one. We will see.


Yes. All smartthings managed, not custom or by other authors, those will need to be converted by their authors.