Replaced ST Hub after it died. Existing devices automatically show up on new Hub?

I had to purchase a new ST Hub after I accidentally burned up old one. I plugged it the wrong power cord, which overloaded my hub and fried it. Purchased new hub and I was wondering if my devices will automatically populate my new hub once I set it up?

Oh dear. Bad news in more ways than one.
I’m afraid there is no migration tool so everything has to be started again from scratch I’m afraid.
You will have to factory reset all your devices so that they can be re-associated with your new hub.
What some people have done is used a new email account on the new hub so that you can go into your old account and gradually copy all you pistons/rules/automations etc. so that you get everything back to how it was.
Good luck!!!


Smartthings really needs to fix this. We should have backup configurations and the ability to restore. Why is this not a higher priority?

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Exact same situation here this weekend. So much easier than I expected. Setup the hub in a more central location since I was starting fresh anyways. Renamed old hub to Old Home and created a new hub under Home. Used a minimote and started at the closest device and first walked around excluding all devices then including. I recommend just adding Room by Room so you can easily distinguish which device is which when you load the SmartThings app and rename. Once zwave was done I ran repair 3x and moved on to zigbee. Nice thing about zigbee is you can just do a hard reset and add without an exclude first. Installed my smart apps and started working on core (something I had put off). I was lucky enough to not be too invested in rules so it wasn’t too bad for me. Overall it was pretty straight forward and went quick. Had about 30-40 devices total excluding bulbs.

So in a case like this, everything set up in the SmartThings app, in Google Home app, Alexa, IFTTT, CoRE, etc., needs to be cleared out and then re-created?

Thanks everyone. Definitely true…NOT an easy task. Well, not difficult actually, just a pain. I had to delete my location in the APP, which deleted EVERYTHING. Then I went through the setup process as if establishing a brand new network. Once I got the hub in, I then had to “exclude” each and every device in my home and re-add each one…one by one. Very time consuming, but not difficult. Next I need to reinstall my device handlers I had set up for my Lutron Connected Switches and my 3 button battery operated switch I use to control my Link and Cree Connected bulbs. Again, thank you everyone for responding.

Dang…you are being way calm in the face of such a PITA…sorry you had to go through that. Not exactly a ST-loyalty building experience, I expect.

ST staff…are you listening?