Just moved, how to start over?

(Stickstickly) #1

Hi all, I just moved to a new house, and brought all my sensors/switches/etc with me, and now i am about to begin the task of installing everything in the new house.

I was just wondering, is there an easy way to “reset” the hub and start all over with pairing and setting up devices? I would like to start with a fresh hub and devices as i begin to set up to keep things less confusing for me.


(Chrisb) #2

My understanding is that you’d have to go through and unpair each device separately. I think you’d be better off bringing up each device one at a time and then renaming it.

(Stickstickly) #3

So no other way to do this? That kind of stinks. It will be confusing going through and figuring everything out, i have over 30 sensors and a bunch of custom folders and icons.

(Chrisb) #4

Deleting all the “things” from your hub shouldn’t be too hard. Might be a bit time consuming because you’d have to bring up each one and delete it. The bigger problem is un-pairing each device. While not terrible hard either, it will be time consuming as you’ll have to look up what the procedure is for each device to un-pair it and maybe have to put your hub into z-wave exclude for each z-wave device.

Part of the thinking here is that you don’t want to TOO easy for device to become unpaired and re-paired. If it was possible to just send a ‘blanket’ command to unpair every device you’d run potential risk of someone messing with your system. Most likely they wouldn’t be able to do any serious harm, but they could make your life a PITA is they kept unpairing your devices at the drop of a hat.

So, while possible to wipe everything and start fresh, it would probably take just as long as hooking things back up and figure out which device is which, and then renaming them appropriately.

For groups you can “ungroup” everything from the group and then have it all plunk into the main folder and then just re-group from there.

Now… have said all this, it would probably be a very good idea to email support and just see if there are some tricks that I’m not aware of. There might be a short cut that’ll save you a lot of time.

(Duncan) #5

I would try deleting the entire location from the server and then rejoining the devices without removing them from the hub first. The app doesn’t always handle this well, so it might get confused and not show the devices on the pairing screen as they connect, but the server should treat them as new devices and add them to your list.

If you email support there is a way to reset your hub’s Z-Wave network, but you’ll still have to exclude any Z-Wave devices before you can add them again – they won’t join a new network if they think they’re already in one, even if the previous network’s hub is gone.