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Starting from zero - SmartThings and Fibaro RGBW


You might as well book a ticket. You are going to do the entire install for him anyway. :smile:

(Migt moggy) #42

Sure. Will do. So I got it to show up in smartthings but the lights didn’t turn on or change when I pressed the buttons. I tried to remove and readd it by goi ng into the ide and deleting it and now I can’t get it to find it again. I’ve since read that there’s some special way or removing zwave devices but they all involve pressing something on the fibaro and I’m not sure how safe that is once it’s powered

(Robin) #43

Think I might start charging for services haha :joy:


Think you should, or at least build a cookbook and charge for it.

(Migt moggy) #45

@WB70 I’ve been very lucky to have someone so generous in spirit help me. We all have to start somewhere and despite all the reading I’ve done I’m reasured to have someone advise. I start training as a professional electrician in april so I’m sure I’ll 'pay it forward 'to the community .

For what it’s worth btw I am not a HE

(Robin) #46

Removing and re-adding rarely solves such issues.

As you didn’t remove it properly, you now need to reset the device.

Section VI of the manual covers the procedure.


I’m only kidding with you. Some great peeps in the community willing to help out. Before you become a professional electrician, don’t get electrocuted before then. Especially on the 12volt :smile:

I’m on my first cup of coffee and one eye is open. I thought it said MikeMolly, that’s why I referred to you as a he. I usually don’t refer to someone as him or her for that very reason unless I can see the name is specific to a gender. Robin and I have had that conversation, hehe.

(Migt moggy) #48

It’s fine I’m not offended - i like being in the minority :slight_smile:

On the topic of electrocution, how do I avoid electrocutingmyself while pressing this b button the fibaro (when I find it)

(Migt moggy) #49

No worries ive managed it and not died (yet)

(Robin) #50

It’s just 12v… you’ll be fine.

The b button is a micro push switch… you need a ‘pointy thing’ to reach it through the hole in the casing.

(Robin) #51

He’s normally the one telling others off for making assumptions lol

(Migt moggy) #52

So it’s appearing in smartthings but no light :frowning: what now ?

(Robin) #53

Try pulling the strip out of the wire junction, and rotate 180 degrees before plugging back in.

You probably have it the wrong way round.

(Migt moggy) #54

dances with excitement


I love the fact that more females are participating in the HA space and the SmartThings adventure. Better ideas come from when there is more of an equal mix, and not such an offset of one versus the other. Maybe someday that won’t fall into any “minority”. :slight_smile:


:joy: I ate my own words today. Can I blame it on lack of caffeine?


Do we have lights?

(Robin) #58

Press the police button in the ST app and make it a party!!

small print:
do not do this if you suffer from epilepsy lol

(Migt moggy) #59

Yes we doo!!

So excited. It’s a bit messy with the wires- the plug is moulded and I didn’t have any spare so couldn’t cut and rewire in order to put the adapter inside. So for now I guess it has to sit outside the junction box.

On another note ; does it matter that the socket at the end of the light strip is just exposed?

And finally; does the fibaro allow me to connect other things to it and then control them as separate thji ng s in smartthings ?

(Robin) #60

The RGBW modules can be used to controll 4 seperate sets of low voltage lights yes… each channel can be controlled independently, you just need to install a custom handler for that.

I would wrap some insulation tape around the strip connection and the cut end, just to be safe yes.