Started v2 Migration Removed everything, can't connect and devices

I have been able to connect one device and that is my thermostat. it doesn’t even detect the original smartthings zigbee devices (door sensors, motion sensor, presence sensor). Also, I cannot get my Fortrezz siren to exclude/include nor my two monoprice motion sensors

Edit: I didn’t notice the step guide for each different smartthings device and I got my door sensor connected. Going to try other smartthings devices. But I am still needing assistance on how to force exclude/include on the after market devices. The instructtions mention a button on the siren, are they talking about the program switch or are they talking about the little white nub that can be pushed down. Also, do Z WAVE devices really need the original hub to be excluded. I think we are past that point to resolve that issue.

Re the siren: There’s a program button on the bottom of the siren. You don’t need the v1 hub to exclude things. Just put the v2 hub in exclude mode, then push the program button once on the bottom of the siren. In a few seconds, the app should indicate that the hub has excluded a device.

Then go to pairing mode (e.g., add new device) then push the program button one more time and it should pair at that point.

Thank you, yeah i had just figured out that apparently exclude mode is something that can be globally broadcasted. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that the device needs any exclude mode hub instead of either itself being able to exclude or the original, but it works now. I was surprised to figure out that most of these z-wave devices can’t remove themselves from networks without assistance. But then again that may be a security feature. But then i will go back on my last statement, why wouldn’t a thief just carry a device that can exclude. I stand by it seems weird to me, lol

My guess is that since to exclude something you need physical access to it, a thief would need to first break in (setting off the system), then exclude it. And now you’re talking a pretty sophisticated and highly motivated thief.

Does anyone know how to do exclude/include for the mono price motion sensors without accessing the back of the panel? The last time i had to remove it from the wall the 3M sticky pad ripped the wallpaper off.

EDIT: I guess I can remove the screws and do it from the front that way. But was wondering if there was a way to avoid this.

That makes sense, but then why can’t a device exclude itself. In that same theory, the thief has to get into the house and hit the exclude button combination or whatever. My point was if the thief knew how to exclude the stuff, they could easily have a device on them that was just always broadcasting the general exclude command and then hit the exclude button, haha. It seems like a built in technology decision that is completely unnecessary, but it works now so whatever.

If your savy you could short out the connections that get shorted when that button is pressed. I now have 4 monoprice motion sensors not stuck the the walls because Im waiting to put them back up with command velcro so when I need to take them down next time damage isn’t caused.

I think most can… I had to do that on some of my zigbee smartthings devices. For all of the ST ones, anyway, you can press the “connect” button for 6s and it will become excluded. For some of my z-wave stuff, same thing - you press a button on the inside for 10s and it’s excluded. The GE/Jasco switches say that you can just press the off side of the switch 10 times and it will be excluded, but in practice I was never able to get that to work.