Starlink with Netgear and Smartthings WIFI

Just setup Starlink. Started by plugging my Netgear directly to Aux port on the Starlink router. At first there was some problems using my Smartthings WIFI system that is operating down stream of my Netgear router. Although the hub would still work the WFI would shut down. No SSID and the plum app could not see Smartthings. I confirmed there was no conflicting subnets. Fixed this by removing the Starlink router and plugging my Netgear directly into the white side of the POE brick for Starlink. This is the second option with Starlink. Now all is up and running. Speeds are about 20 times faster now. Automations are also faster. Just having to deal with a few outages hear and there. Feeling like its even a smarter home with over 100 devices.


@mhatley a bit off the topic, but I am curious as to what download & upload speed you get with Starlink and how does that compare with your previous broadband speeds?

used to pay $105 for 8 down and 1.5 up. Outages whenever the wind blew.
Now it is 99 for usually greater than 100 down and 20 to 30 up. still have outages here and there but they are small. Tends to mess with the smart home a bit but still way better.

How is the Starlink holding up? Received an email giving an option to “get in line”. Would be an improvement over my present service or currently available options, unless there are some egregious negatives.

Anyone’s experience would be helpful.

Starlink is holding up well. Just expect some short outages once in a while. Not a problem for me as it is still night and day better than what was available before. Looking forward to the future.

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Thanks for the followup… I guess I’ll go ahead and reserve mine, who knows what the equipment availability will be later in the year.

Got my Starlink availability email yesterday. For Starlink $100 a month im gonna stick with my existing Viasat $60 a month low speed plan for now and see how things go.

Thank you for your post. The Starlink to Smartthings WiFi has been my concern since I signed up for Starlink. Have not taken delivery yet.

Did you consider plugging Smartthings WiFi directly into Starlink brick or to its router? Why not, please?

I have a Netgear router plugged into the Starlink brick. Then smartthings WIFI on a different subnet plugged into the Netgear. Smartthings handles all the ZigBee, Zwave and WIFI smart devices. Netgear handles all the rest of the network devices in the house. Not using the Starlink router. The plume app would not work when I plugged the whole setup in the aux port of the Starlink router.